what we are about

JPP Holdings, LLC and its subsidiaries specialize in real estate new construction, investments, and management. We have been in the real estate business since 1997. We are a family-owned business incorporated in Tennessee. Doing business at JPP Property Management, our team currently maintains and manages over 300 rental units at various locations and 2 hotels in Morristown, TN. Our companies excel in constructing and renovating properties including, but not limited to, houses, apartments, stores, and hotels. At JPP, we are “investing today for tomorrow”.

JPP property management strives to develop the goods, systems and processes required to meet consumer expectations. Our quality involves weeding out what is not working properly, and either improving it or getting rid of it.
Our mission is to keep every single client satisfied with a unique approach for every situation. Your satisfaction is an important step to gain your loyalty with the experience of our company, to meet all your needs.
JPP Property Management is willing to give our time and energy to your job, we are committed to your needs. Our Commitment is a decision to stick with a project, idea, relationship or goal – even when it’s not easy.



Joe Patel

Managing Member

My goals are to ensure that the most efficient investments are made while achieving the most satisfaction for our clients and their customers.


Poojan Shah

Operations Manager

My goal is to meet the needs of all projects and accounting in a timely and effective manner.


Trista Kleist

Property Manager

I have over 10 years of management experience! I make sure the needs of all tenants are met efficiently as possible.


Maggie Donelow

Office Manager

I have over 20 years of manager and office experience! I take great pleasure in talking to people! My job is to make sure all issues are addressed timely.


Joe Mathews

Residential Project Manager

I have over 10 years of construction experience and a residential contractor license. I focus on residential and multifamily projects.


Sam Losavio

Commercial Project Manager

I have over 40 years of construction experience and a commercial contractor license. I focus on building hotels and commercial retail.


Chandler Huffman

Maintenance Supervisor

My goal is to ensure our maintenance team is fixing what needs to be fixed correctly and in a timely fashion.


Julia Johnston

Director of Hotel Operations

I have over 10 years of experience in hotel operations and management. My goal is to ensure the quality of operations at all of our hotels.


Tabatha Swayze

Director of Hotel Sales

I have over 15 years in hotel management experience! I focus primarily on sales and revenue management to increase earnings at all properties.


Mary Bustos

Certified Bookkeeper

I have over 40 years of bookkeeping experience! I make sure the hotel books are accounted for to the last penny.


Clinton Morgan

Chief Engineer

I have over 30 years of technical experience to help lead our hotel maintenance team.